October 26, 2010

Stick People CAR DECALS - Changable Heads!

Introducing FINALLY, from Vinyl By Amy....

This set of Stick People are unique! Know why? Because you can select the body you want, and the head you want! Customize them to fit your family! Email Me to order, and specify the figures you want to represent your family!
(Example: Dad- tie dad body, H3 head.
Mom - dot mom body, H14 head.
Etc, etc for each child or pet)

Sizes are as follows: Dads are 6", Moms are 5", children get progressivly smaller, just specify the childs age when ordering. I will send you a 'sample' of what your decal will look like before cutting!

Prices are as follows:

1 Stick Person $3.00
Family of 2 - $6.00
Family of 3 - $8.00
Family of 4 - $10.00
Family of 5 - $11.00
Family of 6 - $12.00
Family of 7 - $13.00
(after 7, each additional
family member/pet add $1)

Add your Families Name (ie, 'The Smith Family') for FREE! Name will be in upper right corner of decal)

Individual names below each person, add $2.00 to entire order.

Vinyl is outdoor grade, glossy white vinyl, and lasts 6-10 yeas!
(I do offer outdoor black vinyl, please specify when ordering)

Below is the Changable Heads Collection! Have fun!

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